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Post Remembrance of a old winter, five years past. Read an old post here about beauty in winter
Series: :The Awakening of Silence

I have learnt a lot of things in my dreams. But this one little story always comes again and again in my dreams.

I am holidaying in Kuala Lumpur. I was always fascinated by the twin towers of Kuala Lumpur.I am busy window shopping inside the twin towers and I notice the current Miss World walking into a near by shoe store. i rush into that shoe store , walk up to her and say “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met in my life!”. She shows no sign of happiness, I find this ironic that a beautiful woman finds such a nice complement rather unwelcoming. She comes closer to me and whispers … “I wonder if you would have felt the same way if you were blind

It took me a few days after I had the dream to understand what she was trying to say. What have you understood by what she said?

Every now and then I have the same dream, but every time now she whispers something different into my ears

…..She comes closer to me and whispers “It is a shame that you have chosen to just me by you eyes rather than by your heart”

….She comes closer to me and whispers”You have hardly spent a minute with me in person and already you have proclaimed that I am beautiful. The waiter down at the Café spent more time with me than you, and you have already assumed that he has no reason to think otherwise?”

She keeps coming to me with a new message every time.

She truly is the most beautiful woman I have EVER met!
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The famous Peter Sellers' film,"Being There".

In it a gardener serving in a millionaires estate,having no knowledge of the world outside that estate,inherits all the wealth.
Suddenly finding himself a rich man,he starts getting importance and a point comes,where he gets nominated as a candidate for presidency.He even goes on to become the President.

He is clueless about how he came into power or what to do with it.
The last line in the film, which is also on Peter Seller's tomb,is:


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I couldn't help but laugh when I saw the entire scientific world, enter into a trauma, over such a crazy issue: "Should Pluto belong to our Solar System as a planet or not?"!!!
The scientists are behaving as though they have been vetoed with the universal authority to chalk out intergalactic boundaries!

Frankly Pluto or no Pluto……do we really care?????
How rational is it for us to debate upon such a naïve issue, which is in no way going to affect any of our lives!Astronomy has been a very fascinating subject ever since it evolved! … It was and still is also the most controversial!

Astronomers first discovered the nine planets and the sun included they called it the solar system.The funny thing about astronomers was that they liked to be autonomous in their way of looking at things beyond earth, and I have strange feeling they also have a childish nature! … One says "Pluto is too small to be a planet in our solar system"… another one says "there is no such rigid rule defining planets!"

Well fact of the matter is that we are so obsessed with the fact that there are 9 planets in our system, we have been learning and teaching it for ages, and all of a sudden most of us are reluctant to believe otherwise.

In short,
What are we loosing by accepting Pluto as a planet? And,
What are we gaining by rejecting it?

Photo Courtesy:Disney,google image search

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There are many terrorist outfits working in the name of Islam. They are misleading Muslims and exploiting Islam for their own material benefits. Islam is a religion of peace and totally against terrorism and all kind of disturbances. Let me quote a few lines from the Holy Qur'ān (koran) to prove this fact. A very good friend of mine showed me these:-


1."Anyone who kills in any innocent person acts as if he had killed all mankind. Anyone who spares any life acts as if he had granted life to all mankind."(5:32)

2."Do not cause any disturbance and havoc on earth."(2:60)

3."Act kindly, and do not aim to make riots on earth."(28:77)

4."Do not kill any person whom god has forbidden, except through law."(6:151)

5."In the hereafter, Paradise will be granted to those who want neither haughtiness nor disturbance on earth."(28:83)

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Dear Readers,

    SepticPen is back online.
For a brief period when i was off-line,i had a chance to reinvent the way i presented this blog and a lot of moral issues were taken care of.

    SepticPen has got a brand new look as you can see.Lots of Blue, as it is my fav color.Clouds ,Birds ,a ray of hope,all signifying the rebirth of this Blog.

    A lot of original writings have piled up on my desk, i shall type and publish then as soon i find the time.Meanwhile, SepticPen has also made its entry into ; Its Cousin ThinkersOrg has been hosted by,,and of course

    My style of writing shall remain the same: Inspirational, Thought-provoking, Intellectually simulating, emotionally captivating, and of course humorous.

Thank You,
SepticPen's Sachin Modeel

P.S: Looking Forward to your valuable comments and suggestions

Sachin Modeel
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