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Series: :The Awakening of Silence

I couldn't help but laugh when I saw the entire scientific world, enter into a trauma, over such a crazy issue: "Should Pluto belong to our Solar System as a planet or not?"!!!
The scientists are behaving as though they have been vetoed with the universal authority to chalk out intergalactic boundaries!

Frankly Pluto or no Pluto……do we really care?????
How rational is it for us to debate upon such a na├»ve issue, which is in no way going to affect any of our lives!Astronomy has been a very fascinating subject ever since it evolved! … It was and still is also the most controversial!

Astronomers first discovered the nine planets and the sun included they called it the solar system.The funny thing about astronomers was that they liked to be autonomous in their way of looking at things beyond earth, and I have strange feeling they also have a childish nature! … One says "Pluto is too small to be a planet in our solar system"… another one says "there is no such rigid rule defining planets!"

Well fact of the matter is that we are so obsessed with the fact that there are 9 planets in our system, we have been learning and teaching it for ages, and all of a sudden most of us are reluctant to believe otherwise.

In short,
What are we loosing by accepting Pluto as a planet? And,
What are we gaining by rejecting it?

Photo Courtesy:Disney,google image search