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Series: :The Awakening of Silence
The Road to Enlightenment - Chapter 1

His Birth was the most unusual event at the shore. He was Born late. He was unfortunate enough to witness the death of his brothers and sisters and every one of his kind just a few days after he was born.

On the shore of Lake Akimoto every spring the flowers bloom and bring along with them the colors and the fragrance of Joy.This summer however when all the flowers were born there was but a lone bud that did not bloom. A tiny bud. He still hadn't even grown fully to bloom. Everyone thought the bud would never bloom.
And so the days slowly passed and everyone had soon forgotten about the tiny bud. Summer came and went along with it came the rays of peace . Autumn then came , and along with it came the winds, the winds soon took away with them the fragrance of the flowers.Autumn soon started to pass and along with it started disappearing the colors of the flowers.

Winter came and soon life slowly started departing form the flowers who were all quite old by now. The tiny Bud which everyone had ignored till now was not tiny anymore.It had grown quite big indeed, and one fine hour it bloomed and so our Flower was born.

At a very tender age having seen the other flowers around him being escorted away from him by death he was quite heart broken . Soon the reality of being alone on the shore was vert difficult for him to handle. He stared to weep. For several days and nights he had wept and he never stopped. On the night when the shore had heard his cry for seven days and nights in a row, a very deep and long sound erupted from the took some tine for the surroundings of the lake to identify it, and when they did , the whole place became still. Every grain of soil became Still. Every leaf, Every branch , Everything became still.Yes this was it. It was the sound of the unmanifested uttering the sound of creation.

Continued in the next Chapter
-- Sachin Modeel , Author of the "Road to Enlightenment"

This Text under the Creative Commons Copyright License : Sachin Modeel