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Post Remembrance of a old winter, five years past. Read an old post here about beauty in winter
Series: :The Awakening of Silence
  1. wasting time on Orkut instead
  2. catching up on blogs
  3. playing Mobile games in class
  4. Micro-Blogging on by SMS using your Mobile
  5. writing your own games in class
  6. playing someones game in class
  7. writing code for yourself
  8. re-writing your written code so that others can understand it
  9. writing code for yourself in your own abstract programming language
  10. sitting back and thinking about the problems of starting your own Company
  11. talking about computers on paper
  12. doing much more math than expected. (at least it isn’t medical studies)
  13. frequently start using phrases like "If and Only If","DO", some DO's end with a "While","make","sudo","su" in everyday English usage
  14. ending up with a nonsense project that drives you nuts

SachiN Modeel