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Post Remembrance of a old winter, five years past. Read an old post here about beauty in winter
Series: :The Awakening of Silence

Well Feynman was my childhood hero. This guy was absolutely great. For any Science Student, Getting that Feynman spirit in their studies is the best way to enjoy it. I recently came across a set of images of his blackboards in his office at the time of his death. I noticed one particular note he made on his blackboard, which if i remember well was the Epigraph i wrote on my copy of CLRS . Every bit of Feynman still influences me and the way i approach any subject. even though i no longer study anything related to physics, but his enthusiasm and curiosity are still very valuable .

So here is the note i am talking about, the second one on the Left side of the photo (in fact both of them are interesting).

1.10-29 Photo Courtesy: Caltech Archives