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Post Remembrance of a old winter, five years past. Read an old post here about beauty in winter
Series: :The Awakening of Silence

Reality always was up for grabs..

Here is a story:
"How shall I get liberation?";
"Find out who has bound you,"said the Master.

The disciple returned after a week and said,
"No one has bound me."

"Then why ask to be liberated?"
That was a moment of Enlightenment for the disciple,who suddenly became free.

We are all walking talking heaps of distortions. We are carrying within ourselves great tonnes of solutions to problems that no longer exist. Everybody is so, we think these are 'solutions', but we are just fooling ourselves. these 'solutions' in fact are judgments , opinions, beliefs, thinking patterns and so on. It is these stupid things that we call knowledge and are made to be so proud of. If at all anything, It is only a hindrance for us to observe and to really 'know'. The mind is dulled by these repeated primitives/patterns.

We Humans have been doing this for ages, trying to join monasteries, trying to join religions,trying to join scientific beliefs, trying to accept others beliefs, trying to accept rules, trying to accept ways. All this is trying to force our minds to conform to rigid and established patterns. Such is mind is bound to be dull. Such a mind is bound to be monochromatic. Such a mind is bound to be devoid of awareness. How can such a mind find out what reality is???

Here we are, trying to follow a leader, trying to follow a sage, trying to follow anybody. To follow is what our minds have become into. It is broken , It is confused , It has lost its virtue , It has become illusioned.'It has become Unconscious' !. Here we are everyday, every hour, every second, every nanosecond, .... thinking.... .All the time, thinking...thinking ...thinking.... Thats what we have confined our minds to... confined to thoughts,and nothing else.
we have become insane .When a mind is kept confined to thinking and no other activity, Every thought that arises builds a wall between us and Reality.

To really know reality we have to shed all this so called 'knowledge'. Thoughts are only tool to rationalize, thoughts can never understand the irrational. Reality is irrational, take a look at the fact that we have been trying to rationalize and deduce reality for so long, have we ever come closer to it. Every time we have try to define it , only to be proved wrong by another definition. For every one thing you learn, you realize there are 10 more things you don't know. Hence you always stay in a constant state of seeking answers. Some one today defines to us Say The Ultimate reality as God. We applied our minds , thought and learned this definition, only to realize 10 more questions popped in our mind :
who is God?

how was god formed or born?
what is God?

why does he/she/that-entity make us suffer?

where can i find god?.....
Now these questions that popped in our minds have moved us further away from god than even before we knew our newly learnt definition of the Ultimate Reality as god.

When are all these questions gonna be answered??? when can we end our inquiries???... To answer this question i shall take a story from Buddhism:

A monk once said to the Lord Buddha, “Do the souls of the just survive death?”.Characteristically, Buddha gave him no reply....

But the monk persisted. Each day he would repeat the question; and each day he would get silence for an answer till he could take it no more and threatened to quit unless this crucial question was answered to his satisfaction, for to what purpose was he Living a life of renunciation if the souls of the just perished with their bodies ?

Then the Lord Buddha, in his compassion, spoke: “You are like a man, “he said, “who was dying from a poisoned arrow. His relatives rushed a doctor to his side, but he refused to have the arrow taken out unless he had the answer to these vital questions: was the man who shot him white or black? was he tall or short? ,was he a Brahmin or an out-caste? , I must know his name and family ? i must know whether a spring bow or a cross-bow was used? Before this arrow is drawn out. Such a man is bound to die before he knew the answers to his question ”
The monk stayed on!

I would like to quote a verse from the Upanishads:
"The supreme reality , without moving is swifter than the mind; the senses and the mind cannot reach him:he is ever beyond them. Standing still he over takes those who run."

our whole approach has been wrong. Thoughts can never reach it. Thoughts can only point at it. The ultimate reality can be felt, before a thought , and after a thought, and in between them but never in them. For then how can a mind corrupted by thought ever know it! Reality cannot be known by running towards it, for it is swifter than mind itself. This is why no one can teach us what is reality... it cannot be written down, it cannot be spoken of, it cannot even be thought of. But it can be felt, it can be realized. But this feeling and realization must occur in you , for it cannot be transmuted , it cannot be inherited from your parents or a past lifetime. For even the Buddha cannot tell you what it is, he can merely point at it.

I think the greatest sermon given by Buddha was the following:

Buddha once pointed to a flower and asked each of his disciples to say something about it.
One pronounced a lecture.

Another a poem.

Yet another a parable.

Each outdid the other in depth and erudition.

Only Mahakashyap smiled and held his tongue.
For Only he had understood the sermon.

--Sachin Modeel
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Comments (3)

On May 2, 2009 at 6:17 AM , Tao said...

If you and I were in the same room our conversation would be entirely silent.

I only comment to say how I see the same truths as you brought out here.

On May 2, 2009 at 8:28 AM , Sachin Modeel said...

Thank you for your valuable comment Tao,

for a moment i thought ,before publishing , may be this is a very challenging post to understand and people may just reject it.

On May 6, 2009 at 5:06 AM , sallymandy said...

Sachin: I finally was able to log on to your blog. I'm going to take a further look around. As a reader of the American Buddhist nun, Pema Chodron, I appreciate what you have said. I found reading it to be an exercise in slowing down and breathing out. Thank you. And thank you for the visit to my blog.