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Post Remembrance of a old winter, five years past. Read an old post here about beauty in winter
Series: :The Awakening of Silence
"This is it " by James Broughton

Here is a small literary excerpt from the work of James Broughton
This is just so beautifully profound , it has so much to it. Its almost as if its a verse out of the Upanishads , some thing on the likes of Isa Upanishad. To the uninitiated the great esoteric meanings behind these simple word may be clouded by mere useless thoughts. As I once heard some one say "some times i feel like those uninvited thoughts were just there for no reason at all".

The first time i had read a long time ago , i was profoundly enlightened by it. It was almost as if i had a brief spark of a Satori, so to speak of as in the Zen tradition.

Here is a brief Biography of James Broughton (taken from Wikipedia ).

'James Broughton (November 10, 1913 – May 17, 1999) was an American poet, and poetic filmmaker. He was part of the San Francisco Renaissance. He was an early bard of the Radical Faeries.'

Well can you believe that he is a Poet and also a Poetic Filmmaker ?This is the first time i have even heard of such a type of person, a poetic filmmaker!! I have to admit I got a bit excited about James and so i thought of looking his works on the net and to my surprise(pleasant) there was actually Short Film by James titled "This Is It"

This is It

This is It
and I am It
and You are It
and so is That

and He is It
and She is It
and It is It
and That is That

Oh It is This
and It is Thus
and It is Them
and It is Us

and It is now
and Here It is
and Here We are
so This is It

It would be good if u could get to read or watch some other Works of him.
Well Here is the film