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Post Remembrance of a old winter, five years past. Read an old post here about beauty in winter
Series: :The Awakening of Silence
The road to Enlightenment - An Introduction

The following series was after long hours of felt oneness with being. Such a state arises when one is able to quieten the mind and starts observing the observer. Such stillness gives rise to a deep under current of peace , which opens the channels of being to creatively influence the thoughts. in short, No thoughts = the state of stillness;

These posts are a direct result of such stillness, and therefore contain much more that what you merely see as words. Some thing like 'Reality reading' like in the Zen tradition is whats needed to read and assimilate works of Stillness. Read the following sentence thrice. The brief gap between the paragraphs are not there just to make the blog posts look organized, it is there for you to break free from the voice in your head and pay close attention to the brief period of stillness that can arise. It is only in those brief periods that the true meaning of these paragraphs become "realized".