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Series: :The Awakening of Silence

I tried running around the city a couple to days ago to find a fairly common book, and to my misfortune i was unable to find the edition i wanted.

So i decided to try the online book store service of India. And i have to say i am terribly impressed by their service. :)

I ordered two books Yesterday (midnight) Morning at 1:30AM
I received a Shipment confirmation of one of my books by 8:30PM yesterday.
And i received my first book today at 11:30AM.
Within 36 hours!. Even though the website said it will take 8-10 days at first, and consequently 2-3 days.
And at 8:30PM Today i received my shipment confirmation for my second book. It says i will receive it with in the next 2-3 days.

May be the fact that i resided in a Bangalore speed up the delivery process. I am not sure how fast they will be able to serve remote locations. They might use Indian Speed Post for it. That might take like 3-6 days for a delivery. But since a lot of out of print versions are available here i am sure it will be worth the wait if you want a scarce book.

all this and that too no online transactions were required , i could pay by “Cash on Delivery”.

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Great things about
1.Free Shipment above 100.Rs order.
2.Great Packaging
3.I could see up to 30 % discounts on a few books!
4.Prompt delivery if book is available within India.
5.Cash on Delivery option, even online payment is available if you need it.
6. Free Book Mark