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Hymn: A derivative of the Latin hymnus, which comes from the Greek hymnos, derived from hydein, to sing. A Hymn is usually a Praise/Prayer to God which is sung.

This is my favourite hymn.  Its a very moving to experience to hear a choir sing it.

Since there isn't any proper choir version i could download on the net, I found a few choir videos on YouTube. I was going through one of them and i found the following comment.

comment  holy god we praise thy name

This hymn is also features in the movie ‘Doubt’ , as the background music for the first few minutes into the movie. 

1.	Holy God, we praise thy name; 
Lord of all, we bow before thee;
all on earth thy scepter claim;
all in heaven above adore thee.
Infinite thy vast domain;
everlasting is thy reign.

2. Hark the glad celestial hymn
angel choirs above are raising;
cherubim and seraphim,
in unceasing chorus praising,
fill the heavens with sweet accord:
Holy, holy, holy Lord.

3. Lo! the apostolic train
joins thy sacred name to hallow;
prophets swell the glad refrain,
and the white-robed martyrs follow.
And from morn to set of sun,
through the church the song goes on.

4. Holy Father, Holy Son,
Holy Spirit: three we name thee,
though in essence only one;
undivided God we claim thee,
and adoring bend the knee
while we own the mystery.

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On April 1, 2011 at 9:28 PM , robert said...

Greetings from Wordwise Hymns. Enjoyed the video of Ignaz Franz's great hymn. Very dramatic!