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Post Remembrance of a old winter, five years past. Read an old post here about beauty in winter
Series: :The Awakening of Silence

I reached the auditorium just in time and couldn't hear the Introduction to the talk. "The Seekers these days are definitely just looking for something to add to their FaceBook profiles so that their friends think they are interesting...." - so began a spiritual talk given by a 18-year-old vibrant young man a few days back, which i attended. A person next to me quietly commented to me "Doesn't HE have a facebook profile???"

OK , by now Most of you must have understood pretty much all that i wanted to communicate in this post. You can stop reading this post now. Before you do that , if you think the focus of the parable was that the speaker was just 18 years old, or how the talk began ----- then you have completely missed the mark, and you need to read further.

I really don't think i am sooo realized an entity that i can teach lessons.... i am reminded of a story which i think can put things in better perspective.

The Four monks....
Four monks decided to go into silence for a month.They started out well enough but after the first day one monk said. "I wonder if I locked the door of my cell at the monastery before we set out."

Another monk said, "You fool! We decided to keep silence for a month and now you have gone and broken it!"

A third monk said, "What about you? You have broken it too!"

Said the forth, "Thank God I'm the only one who hasn't spoken yet!"

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